OpenAI logo icon, a graphical spiral resembling a flower in white line art against a black background.


The leading AI tool for creating blogs, social posts, content, and more.


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Image of Solodev AI red square logo icon


Recommend more relevant products and content powered by AI/ML.

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Datadog logo icon - a purple, angled box containing a vector illustration of a puppy with an image of a chart hanging from its mouth.


Monitor cloud-scale apps, databases, containers and more with SaaS analytics.

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Intercom logo icon - a blue square with five white vertical lines and white line below, resembling a smiley face.


Connect with your audience using AI chatbots and customer service tools.

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Segment logo icon - a green circle with a graphical "S" created from white lines using negative space.


Unify your data to get a 360ยบ view of your customer across all channels.

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Google Cloud Translation icon - a graphical cloud with the four key colors from the Google logo: orange, blue, green, and red.

Google Cloud Translation

Dynamically translate between languages using Google AI/ML.


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Icon of the Amazon Sagemaker AI product logo, featuring a purple box with a polymorphic blend and a line art image of a brain with computer circuits.

Amazon SageMaker

Create, train, and deploy ML models in the cloud with AWS.


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Image of Amazon Personalize icon - a dark gray box with a line art graphic in the center depicting a person in a circle with arrows rotating around the circumference.

Amazon Personalize

Serve recommendations powered by AI and real-time interactions.


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Image of Amazon Rekognition logo icon - a green square with a polymorphic blend in the background. In the center, a line art graphic in white of a stylized magnifying glass with a photo in the center of the lens.

Amazon Rekognition

Automate image and video analysis with AI and machine learning from AWS.


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Image of Amazon Textract logo icon - a gray square with a polymorphic blend in the background. In the foreground, a graphical line art depiction of a document with a circle overlaying it and a small "T" in the center.

Amazon Textract

Extract printed text, handwriting, and other data from scanned documents.


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