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AI app in the cloud with Solodev

Artificial Intelligence is amplifying the performance of every application. With Solodev, you can harness the power of AI in the cloud by building and hosting your own AI apps in one place.

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Host your AI Models

Choosing the right foundation model is the first step to a successful AI strategy. Solodev makes it easy to pick from leading LLMs or bring your own, and host it all in the cloud. Our team of AI specialists can also assist with selecting and deploying your models.

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The world's most popular LLM from OpenAI, designed for advanced natural language processing.

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A robust, highly-trained AI LLM for generating complex text and performing tasks.

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A fully open source reproduction of Meta's popular LLaMA model, trained on the RedPajama dataset.

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Amazon Titan

A high-performing foundation model built on Amazon Bedrock for image, multimodal, and text choices.

Develop and launch your own AI apps

From chat to search, you can start your AI journey in Solodev with a customizable off-the-shelf app from our AI Marketplace. Or, you can develop your own apps from the ground up and host them in your Solodev cloud deployment. Even tap our AI specialists to help set you up for success. It's AI without limits.


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Add a custom, easy-to-use AI chatbot to your site

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Find what you’re looking for with AI-powered search features

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Keep tabs on your content by using an AI-focused detector

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Take your custom idea from the drawing board to full functionality

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