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Explore the digital universe on Solodev

Build new worlds of content. Warp across the metaverse with an AI-powered engine in the Cloud. Develop what’s next – and do it all on the Solodev Platform.

The Solodev Platform

The Solodev Platform is your ecosystem for exploration. It encompasses eight technology domains that feature some of the most advanced products and services across the digital frontier – so you can develop anything imaginable.

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Power frontends in any framework, build headless apps, and create custom experiences with code.

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Harness the potential of artificial intelligence with access to leading models and ecosystems.

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Deploy and host on AWS and integrate with the most secure and scalable cloud services.

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Create and explore new worlds across AR and VR environments with 3D tools and models.

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Create, launch, and manage both web and native apps and build a sustainable app store strategy.

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Take your web3 ideas and create smart contracts and experiences for crypto and NFT applications.

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Build your most ambitious digital projects by integrating the leading tools, from ad tech to SEO.

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Connect your apps with the expanding Internet of Things, from wearable tech to NFC devices.

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