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Create new metaverse worlds on Solodev

The metaverse has never been more real. Now, you can develop fantastic 3D worlds for VR and AR applications using the frameworks of your choice – and host it all in the cloud.

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Build with a metaverse stack

From immersive virtual reality worlds to mobile AR games. Solodev has the best-of-breed stack to power your metaverse dreams into reality. Develop 3D models with leading tools like A-Frame. Add environments using Blender and Sketchfab, and avatars from ReadyPlayerMe. Host your worlds in the cloud and scale with ease.

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Develop 3D worlds

Build whatever you imagine in the metaverse with the leading 3D modeling tools and editors. Shape fantastic rooms and buildings, and bring epic landscapes to life with total control and customization. Instantly add an array of assets, objects, and buildings from model marketplaces. Power your avatars with movement and interactivity using SpaceMade and other resources. It's your world – make it amazing with Solodev.

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Host your worlds

From the real world to the outer reaches of your imagination, Solodev is your gateway to the metaverse – and the one place to dock for hosting your most immersive worlds. Deploy, launch, manage, and build beyond your wildest dreams in the cloud, and take your ideas to new orbits.

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