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Develop your next IoT project on Solodev

The Internet of Things is exploding across every industry, from wearable tech to smart homes. With Solodev, you can develop cloud-powered apps to connect and analyze data from billions of devices.

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Innovate with IoT

Transform your business with the Internet of Things. Build apps that tap the fabric of the IoT frontier, from wearables to manufacturing to healthcare instruments.

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Connect Devices

Whether you’re managing vehicle fleets or monitoring crops on farms, connect with IoT devices across your ecosystem to control functions or gather critical data.

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Collect & Analyze

Gather meaningful metrics and insights from your mesh of IoT devices and store everything in the cloud. Analyze data with advanced services, so you can optimize performance.

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Integrate with AI

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can identify patterns and trends from your IoT data to enhance decisions and improve outcomes.

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Scale in the cloud

With billions of devices, trust the cloud power of AWS to scale your IoT infrastructure and meet your goals. AWS also provides industry-leading security from the cloud to the edge.

Take your IoT apps from idea to reality

The Internet of Things is the next great wave of opportunity. No matter what your vision is, you can manage the IoT entire lifecycle – from idea to launch – with Solodev. Build the right cloud infrastructure to tap your device footprint, then build and develop with best-in-class frameworks. Get expert help where you need it, and bring your IoT ideas to life.

Provision your IoT infrastructure

With AWS, you have access to the most advanced services to power your IoT applications. AWS IoT is built on a secure and proven cloud infrastructure, and scales to billions of devices and trillions of messages. AWS IoT also integrates with other AWS services, so you can build complete solutions.

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Develop your IoT app

Take your apps from the drawing board to your device ecosystem with Solodev. Build sophisticated apps in the framework of your choice and connect via API. Leverage cloud services like IoT Core, Device Defender, Greengrass, and more to harness connectivity and control services, analytics, and edge computing. Publish your app with a complete stack of tools, from Python to pipeline, on a fully-containerized deployment with serverless capabilities.

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Connect everything

With Solodev, you can unlock your IoT data and accelerate business growth. As devices expand across homes, factories, hospitals, cars, and thousands of other places, you need cloud-powered solutions to connect, collect, store, and analyze data. Bring your IoT possibilities to life with Solodev, and trust our team of IoT professionals to help you build your connected future.

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