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Solodev Enterprise

Welcome to Solodev Enterprise: your one-stop shop for the galaxy’s most advanced cloud tech and consulting. Launch powerful websites and apps with AWS and Kubernetes and get access to certified engineers and project managers. Back it all up with world-class 24/7 support and SLAs, designed for the most demanding business needs. Our full-service crew will take care of everything, from launching you in the AWS Marketplace to custom integrations and beyond.

Solodev Enterprise Self Service

Launch Solodev Enterprise in the AWS Marketplace with our self-service option and start building in minutes with advanced, business-grade features. Or, try it free for 14 days in the AWS Marketplace.

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Enterprise features

Go full service with our crew of certified engineers.

  • 24/7/365 human support
  • Phone & online help desk
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Security and monitoring
  • High availability solutions
  • Cloud infrastructure support
  • Advanced AWS cloud services
  • Custom integrations
  • Training programs
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Solodev for public sector

Built for the mission-focused needs of federal, state, and local agencies, Solodev helps K-12 education and government teams work together to modernize their digital strategies, support their communities, and proactively manage regulatory and compliance requirements like ADA accessibility.

Expand the customer experience

From one page to one thousand, the experience is yours with Solodev.

Built-in SEO tools

Enhance your search with a platform fully designed around SEO

Granular permissions

Get full control over who is allowed to manage and deploy across your website

Archive history

Automatically back up and restore to previous versions and maintain user logs

Integrated analytics

Track user and site performance with a powerful analytics dashboard

Draft, stage, publish

Control when users are able to see your content

Native multi-site

Run as many websites and apps in one place with a single login

Customizable workflows

Assign system functions with custom workflows and increase your productivity

Automated scheduling

Schedule your content to go live and come down ahead of time

Mapping and geolocation

Leverage real-time mapping capabilities to build custom map experiences

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