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Solodev’s mission is to empower the digital transformation journey for developers, teams, and organizations so they can shape the future of their customer experiences.

Connecting the digital universe

The digital universe is expanding at warp speed. At Solodev, we’re passionate about building strong connections between the constellations, so you can power your content and experiences to new worlds. We’re the hub for all the technologies you need on your digital mission, and we make it all meaningful by putting humans in command.

It’s your space. We help you explore without limits.

Digital Solonauts

Core values

We believe anyone can be a “solo dev” – from a skilled coder to a hands-on web designer to a content marketer... even a CEO. Everyday, we strive to make tools and experiences that are amazing, intuitive, and easy to use for everyone. To deliver, we encourage our team to:

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Drive results

Up and to the right is how we like it, and we’re fiercely committed to helping our customers achieve positive outcomes.

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Seek simplicity

Complexity is complicated. By striving to be simple, we help our team be more productive and our customers more successful.

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Make great things

We never settle for ordinary in anything, and we always seek new and innovative ways to make an experience amazing.

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Think further

In our quest to build amazing experiences, we don’t stop at the status quo. We push beyond and celebrate ideation.

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Lead, not follow

Everyone has the capacity to lead and take ownership of their world. When we lift our people up, we all reach the stars.

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Have fun

Life’s too short to just “work.” We make our culture a place where smiles rule. It’s a big reason why our customers love us.


Shawn Moore - CTO

Shawn Moore

Chief Technology Officer

Shawn is the founder and visionary behind Solodev and the Solodev DCX platform. With decades of proven commitment to excellence and a customer-centered approach, he has grown Solodev into a company that services clients across a broad range of industries around the globe as well as in the Public Sector. As an AWS Cloud Architect with multiple certifications, he is an industry-recognized expert on software and development, serving as a panelist at national technology conferences.

Dasha Moore - COO

Dasha Moore

Chief Operating Officer

Dasha is a results-focused leader with deep operational expertise in finance, business, project, and workflow management. She is an active member of the Project Management Institute and holds the coveted certification of Project Management Professional (PMP). She has a proven record of success in budgeting, forecasting, problem solving and developing project plans that drive product development, optimize team efficiency, and deliver exceptional results for Solodev customers.

Matt Garrepy - CDO

Matt Garrepy

Chief Digital Officer

Matt is an award-winning digital leader with decades of experience in successfully planning and managing multi-channel strategies across industries. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Verizon, VERITAS, Discovery and numerous startups, helping organizations define their stories and elevate their brand value. He is a sought after speaker on marketing and customer experience, and his award-winning work has been featured in leading publications like Communications Arts.


Solodev is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands across multiple industries – from healthcare to government, hospitality to retail. Everyday, thousands of people interact with websites and digital experiences powered by the Solodev DCX platform, helping businesses and organizations achieve their mission and provide amazing customer experiences.

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