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Manage your SSO, martech and commerce apps on Solodev

Develop your next digital strategy with self-service or managed identity
solutions to access best-of-breed martech, adtech, and commerce apps.

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A complete platform for managing ID

With Solodev as your identity provider, you have a cloud-based ecosystem of solutions to help secure your apps. Choose from self-service hosted SSO with Keycloak on AWS or turnkey managed identity from an experienced partner. Even add comprehensive consent to meet GDPR and PHI compliance. Get the secure solutions you need to power your digital projects to the next level.



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The leading open source SSO platform

  • Strong Single Sign On authentication
  • Self-service deployment
  • Host in your own AWS account
  • Managed Keycloak option
  • Custom-branded solutions available


Managed Identity

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Turnkey SSO implementation and management

  • Best-of-breed cloud services for Single Sign On authentication
  • Custom-branded theme for login experience
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Access to SSO help desk
  • Optional SLAs

$1,950 /mo*


A marketplace of apps

Browse our ecosystem of tools, featuring the top digital apps on the market – with more on the way.

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Drive customers back to your site with AI-driven retargeting.

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Google Ads

The leading platform for PPC and search advertising.

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The world's #1 CRM and digital experience platform.

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Dynamic ad creation platform for digital marketing.

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Optimize your site's performance with powerful SEO tools.

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Monitor and secure your apps across your stack.

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The inbound marketing platform with CRM, email, and more. logo

Dynamic email and marketing automation platform.

Build the perfect ad stack

With a Solodev Developer account, you'll have a digital passport to all your favorite advertising and marketing tools – and one login to rule them all. Assemble best-of-breed apps and manage your users securely via SSO.

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Integrations on Solodev

Ready to kickstart your digital program?

If you're an enterprise looking for help with your digital strategy, Solodev Digital offers turnkey services to help build and manage advertising and marketing campaigns that convert. Talk to one of our Digital Advisors about amplifying your results with a custom digital campaign program.

Take payments like a pro

The world is powered by digital commerce, and scaling your strategy can be challenging without trusted technologies in place – and the right guidance to get you there. With Solodev commerce, you can work with our eCommerce experts to build your custom stack with code and connections, and help make every transaction secure and profitable. Connect across channels and manage your payments ecosystem via best-of-breed platforms like, PayPal, Recurly, Stripe, and more.

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A payment processing gateway backed by the Visa network.

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The leading online payment platform for small business.

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A subscription, billing, and payments platform.

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The most advanced payment platform for businesses.

Trusted solutions, powered by AWS

Solodev is an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, an exclusive mantle reserved for the most trusted practitioners in the industry. Within the AWS partner ecosystem, we hold the coveted Advertising and Marketing Technology Competency, awarded to technology vendors that are designed to deliver advanced digital customer experience solutions for brands. Our CMS technology – along with our integrations with AWS, including AI services – give you the data security, scalability, and performance needed to power e-commerce sites and applications.

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