Millions of companies – from startups to the Fortune 500 – trust the power of Stripe! Get industry-leading software and APIs to accept payments, send payouts, and manage commerce online with ease.

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Product Features

Stripe is the payments infrastructure for the internet. From startups to leading brands like Google and Slack, Stripe is the preferred platform for connected commerce. In minutes, you can start accepting payments or sending payouts across multiple channels and leverage a suite of best-in-class services to manage and grow your business online. Stripe is at the bleeding edge of innovation, providing advanced use cases for eCommerce, SaaS, and even crypto solutions. 

  • A fully integrated suite of products: Get everything you need to build websites and apps that accept payments and send payouts globally for online and in-person retailers, subscription businesses, software platforms and marketplaces, and everything in between. 
  • Global payments: With Stripe, you have one platform to handle your billing, checkout, and subscription management. You can also send invoices, issue virtual and physical cards, manage your business spend, and more. 
  • Revenue and financial management tools: From billing to invoicing to value-added tax (VAT), Stripe offers a complete set of financial management resources. This includes data warehouse pipelines, online identity verification, and even carbon removal.
  • Banking-as-a-service: Stripe goes beyond the platform essentials, allowing you to embed financial services in your app that simplify the customer experience. You can also get funding to grow your business, access card issuing services, and even get your company incorporated. 
  • Fraud mitigation: Stripe offers a range of tools like Radar – powered by machine learning – to help you adapt to new fraud patterns by scanning billions of data points. You can also block and allow lists, optimize review flows, and even provide chargeback protection. 
  • Designed for developers: With easy-to-use APIs, prebuilt integrations, and tools for every stack, Stripe eliminates the challenge of stitching together disparate systems. Focus on your app and your customers, not integrating payments functionality. 
  • Direct integrations: Stripe is close to the metal, connected directly to card networks and banks to checkout flows in the browser – making it a trusted and highly extensible financial platform. 
  • Rapid improvements: Each year, Stripe releases hundreds of features and upgrades to help you stay ahead of a changing industry. 
  • Battle-tested reliability: Stripe's systems operate with 99.99%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant. Stripe is also certified to meet the highest compliance standards. 
  • Intelligent optimizations: Powered by machine learning, Stripe trains on billions of data points to help increase revenue across conversion, fraud, revenue recovery, and more. 

Product Details

Stripe is the leading commerce platform for accepting payments and sending payouts online.

  • Fully integrated suite of products
  • Manage billing, checkout, and subscriptions
  • Send invoices
  • Issue virtual and physical cards
  • Revenue and financial management tools
  • Banking-as-a-Service features
  • Fraud mitigation services
  • Easy-to-use APIs and prebuilt integrations
  • 99.9%+ uptime with redundancy


Stripe offers comprehensive online documentation with guides and examples for integrating Stripe. Get access to developer tools, test card numbers to simulate payment scenarios, and no-code resources. Visit

With your Stripe account, you can also access the Stripe Community portal to engage with other users and developers. Visit


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