Public Safety & Disaster Response with AWS

Prepare, communicate, and respond to emergencies with proven solutions from Solodev – powered by AWS.

In an emergency, every second can save lives

Hurricanes. Wildfires. Pandemics. Natural and man-made disasters. Every day, our world is tested by unpredictable events. Responding quickly can save lives, improve outcomes, and accelerate response and recovery. As we rely more on websites and applications to power our experiences, we can turn to digital to help inform communities across channels and devices, and arm organizations to act with greater speed and resiliency.

Volusia County Website with COVID-19 alerts

Manage a crisis with content

Solodev CMS, powered by AWS, provides a robust digital experience platform for managing website content and communications – before, during, and after an emergency.

Laptop showing web page with hurricane icon in header graphic


Stage “dark sites” with specific emergency instructions and activate with a single click, saving time and reducing complexity.

Mobile phone with alert icon in front of it


Rapidly deploy alert bars and hero banners on your website with custom messages, late-breaking updates, or vital instructions.

Web page mockup with ADA and message bubble icons


Use powerful yet simple CMS tools to quickly create ADA accessible microsites, update content, manage chat sessions and more.

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Build custom applications on an extensible framework and integrate with third-party services to solve critical challenges.

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Automatically scale your cloud resources during unplanned traffic spikes to maintain uptime throughout an emergency.

County website with hurricane image header and alerts


Stage “dark sites” to accelerate your response

In a crisis, there’s no time to think. You have to respond to save lives. With Solodev, you can build “dark sites” for emergency situations, complete with instructions and resources for each scenario. In seconds, a team member can activate the site – fully hosted in the cloud – and update content as needed. Analytics and insights can guide future updates, allowing organizations to improve their digital preparedness.

Charlotte County website in phone and browser with COVID-19 information


Use alert bars and hero banners to elevate awareness

Whether it’s a temporary emergency like a storm or a far-reaching pandemic like COVID-19, public safety relies on current, relevant information. With Solodev’s customizable alert bars and hero banners, businesses and public sector agencies can swiftly update their communities of interest with highly visible messages on their website. Adjust the content, schedule the frequency, and do it all without touching any code.

Control your communications

Solodev's API-first architecture allows for seamless integration with third-party apps and services to help maintain crisis communications, from chat to email to translation.

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Seminole County website in Solodev CMS viewed in a computer monitor


Distribute vital information with the CMS for AWS

Digital content should be one of your most essential tools for responding to an emergency. Solodev websites are powered exclusively by AWS – and trusted by some of the largest public sector agencies, NPOs, and enterprises. Time and again, Solodev has enabled organizations to respond in unthinkable circumstances with unmatched agility.

Simple yet powerful, Solodev CMS can mobilize your digital team to quickly build responsive microsites, update pages with ADA accessible information, and distribute content across a multitude of channels. Build with templates or manage a headless strategy with multiple frontends – it's all here in a single platform.

Phone and web page view of oneblood website with COVID-19 information


Build custom apps and portals for crisis response

While many emergency scenarios are similar, some require a unique solution to solve critical problems. When every second counts, having a flexible architecture to build new apps can make the difference. Solodev gives organizations a framework for rapidly customizing applications for specific use cases. Whether it’s a dynamic workflow for vetting convalescent plasma donors or  integrating an SSO-based reskilling portal for displaced workers, Solodev’s platform and professional services team can help you respond with speed and efficacy.

View of AWS site and AWS Cloud graph


Maintain uptime by scaling your AWS cloud resources

Emergencies are always unplanned. Preparing your website content is essential, but what happens when traffic surpasses your available resources? With AWS and Solodev, you have the confidence of the cloud. Start on a high availability cluster and automatically scale your servers during unplanned spikes. Monitor your environment with powerful tools and analytics. Run in a secure region of your choice and add redundant warm-boot sites. With Solodev and AWS, you have the resources to respond.

Case studies

Phlebotomist drawing blood from another woman


Learn how OneBlood responded to the Pulse Nightclub shootings with critical information while scaling resources to meet unprecedented demand.

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Person checking Seminole County website in a laptop

Seminole County

See how Seminole County’s new website improved the community experience while maintaining uptime throughout Hurricane Irma.

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Person checking LYNX website in a mobile phone


Read how the new LYNX website streamlined processes and enabled urgent updates to routes and information to provide a safer rider experience.

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Public Safety and Disaster Response with AWS

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