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Host and scale your apps on the world's most powerful cloud platform.


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Image of Solodev Backup logo - a red box with the Solodev white star icon in the center, with an orange bar below and the text "BACKUP" in white next to an icon of the AWS Backup service.

Solodev Backup

Automatically back up your apps to AWS and easily restore previous versions.


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Amazon Cognito logo icon - a red square with a polymorphic blend, with a white vector pictogram of a personal ID with a checkmark inset in a small circle.

Amazon Cognito

Add secure user sign up, sign in, and access control to your website or app.


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Image of Solodev CDN icon - a red box with the white Solodev star logo and text above a gray bar with a globe icon to the left and "CDN" text to the right.

Solodev CDN

Deliver content faster and more securely with a Content Delivery Network.


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