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Image of Datadog logo icon - a purple, angled box containing a vector illustration of a puppy with an image of a chart hanging from its mouth.


Monitor cloud-scale apps, databases, containers and more with SaaS analytics.

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Image of Kubernetes logo - a helmsman's wheel


Deploy websites and apps in containers at scale with Kubernetes and AWS.


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Image of AWS Fargate icon - a cube with three smaller cubes below it, against a blended color background of orange and red.

AWS Fargate

Tap the serverless fabric of AWS to manage containers with Amazon EKS or ECS.


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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service logo

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

Manage Kubernetes with the power of AWS.

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Image of Amazon ECS logo icon - an orange square with a polymorphic blend in the background. In the center, a white line art graphic of a stylized hexagon broken into two segments.

Amazon Elastic Container Service

Orchestrate your container strategy with AWS.


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Image of Chart Museum logo icon - a blue pictograph of a helmsman's wheel with a chart document icon and the grill of a jeep all contained in a circle.


The open-source Helm Chart repository for cloud storage backends.

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