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Weekly Roundup 2: Five Days of Code

Auto-Complete Address Fields, Expandable Site Search, DateTime Picker, Contact Pages, Sticky Navigation...

Every week new tutorials are posted to the growing Solodev Web Design Blog! Here is a short list of what was added the week of July 25th and a few highlights of what is to come next week!

Adding an Auto-Complete Address Field to your Forms

Auto-Complete Address Field

Everywhere you can improve the User Experience is an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors and adding auto-complete to your address forms does just that.

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How to Add Expandable Site Search to your Navigation

Expandable Site Search

Adding expandable site search to your website tremendously improves the user experience of your website and enables users to quickly search your website for the content they're looking for while minimizing its impact on your design.

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Adding a DateTime Picker to your Forms

DateTime Picker

Whether you're allowing users to schedule appointments, book a vacation, or schedule a rental online - using a DateTime picker improves the User Experience (UX) while also ensuring you have the precise date and time specified.

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Creating an Impressive Contact Us Page

Contact Us Page

With so many contact us pages on the web, it's hard to stand out and in such a competitive online landscape, standing out is crucial. Sometimes it's the small things, the details, that differentiate one contact us page from another.

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Adding a Responsive Sticky Nav to your Website

Responsive Sticky Nav

Data shows that websites with a sticky nav menu are 22% faster to navigate by eliminating the need to scroll back to the top of the page. Several studies have shown that users prefer a website with a sticky nav to one without it 100% of the time without being told of the difference between websites.

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