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How to Add Expandable Site Search to your Navigation

Not enough room in your website navigation for a search bar? This post gives you the tools you need to add expandable site search to your website.

Adding site search to your website tremendously improves the user experience of your website and enables users to quickly search your website for the content they're looking for. Expandable search provides necessary search functionality while minimizing its impact on your design. This post takes things one step further by showing you how to add an expandable site search icon to the navigation of your website.

Below is the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript needed to add expandable site search to your navigation. Enjoy.

Step 1 - Copy and paste the HTML below to where you'd like the search icon to populate in your website navigation

Step 2 - Download the CSS below and include it in your web page


Step 3 - Copy and paste the JavaScript below and refer to it in your HTML file to make your search icon expandable

Step 4 - Add the following includes to the top of your HTML file.

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