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The Weekly Roundup: Five Days of Code

Scroll Down Anchors, CSS Best Practices, Building Galleries with Solodev, Designing Client Showcases, Contact Us Pages...

Every week new tutorials are posted to the growing Solodev Web Design Blog! Here is a list of what was added the week of September 12th!

Adding a Scroll Down Anchor to your Website

Add a Scroll Down Anchor to your Website

Adding a scroll down anchor button to your website makes it easier for users to navigate through your website without having to manually scroll. This tutorial provides you with the code you need to add an anchor button to your website and the JavaScript to enable scroll down functionality when the button is clicked.

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Inline CSS Is Out of Style

CSS Best Practices

This article aims to address some best practices when styling web pages and other practices to avoid. Start with some Best Practices when it comes to styling your websites with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - the first being that you should avoid inline styling at all costs.

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Building a Photo Gallery with Solodev

Build a Photo Gallery with Solodev CMS

Graphics have taken on an increasingly central role to online content and the need for interactive and beautifully designed photo galleries has never been more prevalent. In this article we will show you how to build a photo gallery for your website using Solodev Shortcodes.

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Designing a Client Showcase with Bootstrap

Design a Client Showcase with Bootstrap

Showing off your clients and how your product or service has benefited them is integral to sales growth. Displaying them effectively so that potential clients can find relevance in the content you display is crucial to growing your business.

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Design a Contact Us Page for your Website

Design a Contact Use Page for Your Website

In Part III of our series on Contact Us Pages, we provide a clean, simple design for a mobile responsive contact page. Simply place the design between your header and footer and you've got a brand new contact us page!

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