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Creating a Newsletter Signup Form with Solodev

Forms are everywhere on the web and are crucial to lead generation. This article will teach you how to create a newsletter signup form in Solodev.


In this article, Solodev will teach you how to create a responsive navigation menu with pure CSS. Typically, a mixture of JavaScript and CSS are involved in creating responsive navigation menus which can cause slower load times and a depreciated user experience (UX). By creating a responsive nav menu with pure CSS, you optimize website load speed and create a more seamless, quick navigation experience for website visitors.

Below is the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required.

Step 1 - nav-menu.html

Add the HTML below to your web page

Step 2 - nav-menu.css

Download the CSS below and include it in your web page


Add the include below to your web page

In this article, Solodev showed you how to create a responsive navigation menu with pure CSS. Although not advanced in features or functionality, it brings home a simple point - the less code - and the less coding languages - the better. For a more advanced tutorial on creating responsive navigation menus check out our tutorial on Adding Responsive Navigation to your Website.

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