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Solodev Earns National Recognition as Marketing and Commerce CMS Leader

Solodev has achieved rigorous Marketing & Commerce competency in recent listing from Amazon Web Services.

By Solodev

Solodev, the first web experience platform ever architected from the ground up for cloud solutions, announces that it earned the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketing & Commerce Competency Partners recognition.

The competency puts Solodev alongside other industry leaders like Adobe, Acquia and WPEngine, all of whom look to serve growing enterprises and elevate ecommerce brands.

Earning the AWS Marketing & Commerce Competency further differentiates Solodev as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member. These partners demonstrated technical capabilities and success in helping marketers, business owners, and retail customers by delivering efficient cloud-based solutions to ecommerce problems. In order to earn this recognition, Solodev was required to achieve Advanced Partner status, as well as possess deep expertise in the AWS platform and successfully complete assessments of the security, performance and reliability of the company's solutions.

"Solodev is proud to be a leader in marketing and e-commerce content management systems. We take pride in helping aspiring business leaders succeed in both the physical marketplace and in a rapidly expanding online marketplace" said Shawn Moore, CTO at Solodev. “While we’ve achieved a number of other industry-focused competencies, we’re excited to see the potential that the marketing and commerce competencies gives us and more importantly our clients.”

The AWS Cloud enables scalable, flexible and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify APN Consulting and Technology Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

“AWS gives us the tools we need to provide our customers with the best web experience possible, and thus, their customers also reap the benefits of our partnership,” Moore continued. “This Marketing & Commerce competency status inspires us to continually improve upon our platform to best serve businesses looking to build their brand and provide exceptional engagement with their customers.”

Solodev deploys services that lower costs, scale applications, respond quickly in sudden waves of high traffic, and give business owners the comfort and security that comes with the AWS Cloud. The company's web experience platform allows users to build powerful websites and deliver personalized web experiences that connect brands with their audiences -- all while empowering the back-end user with total design freedom. Solodev collaborates with businesses of all sizes, offering training to those within a business who are technologically adept and those who are not. Custom permissioning allows enterprise companies to control who can post content while giving extensive access to those website administrators who need it.

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