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City of Miami Beach Launches Enticing Website to Match Vibrant City

The iconic tourist destination looked to become the golden standard for other city websites throughout the United States.

By Solodev

The City of Miami Beach, a vacation destinations for hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, announced that it has a brand new vibrant, reimagined online experience. The City of Miami Beach moved its legacy website from its Wordpress space and migrated to a custom web platform to better meet the evolving needs of its residents and visitors.

The City of Miami Beach needed to both migrate its legacy website and take one of the world’s most iconic city brands across the city’s website platforms where people, businesses, and visitors from around the globe go to seek critical information about the city and its services. To meet these challenges, City of Miami Beach turned to Solodev to bring a comprehensive approach from design to migration to development.

Solodev also needed to ensure that the City of Miami Beach had a website accessible to everyone regardless of ability or disability. In order to serve the community, Solodev ensured that the City of Miami Beach’s platform was primed for ADA compliance and aligned itself with the WCAG 2.0 standards. These two serious governance and regulatory mandates not only needed to be met from a legal standpoint but also to ensure digital equality for the entire Miami Beach community.

“Part of our mantra with Solodev and DigitalUs is bringing digital to life,” said DigitalUs Chief Digital Officer Matt Garrepy. “If there’s any brand that embodies vibrance and being alive, it’s City of Miami Beach. We wanted to build a website that jumped off the screen at visitors and immerses them in the same inviting, exciting culture they would find in the city itself.”

“The city is staying in lockstep with what their residents want, and their new website reflects element of universality,” Garrepy continued. “By ensuring the website was ADA compliance ready and met WCAG 2.0 guidelines, we built a website for all visitors.”

The City of Miami Beach gained a new website that took the vibrancy of their in-person brand and reflected it on an online space. The inviting, colorful appeal of the City of Miami Beach’s brand served as an inviting representation of the city while also giving website visitors a direct line to trusted city resources. The new site now connects users to the information they’re looking for in a couple of clicks.


The City of Miami Beach represents one of the United States’ most popular vacation destinations. It serves the area in facilitating local government activities, city job postings, vacation information, and connecting residents with every facet that the city has to offer.

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