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Solodev Helps Power American Dairy Association North East's Online Passions

The newly redesigned website combines three legacy organizations into one user-optimized website for the AWS Cloud.

By Solodev

The American Dairy Association North East, an organization which represents over 12,000 hardworking dairy farm families across six states, announced today the launch of a newly renovated website. The organization needed an updated website as part of its high-level brand strategy to help position them as a unique resource for dairy farmers around the world while unifying three disparate brands.

“We had a significant challenge in consolidating multiple brands and migrating legacy content to one platform,” said Frank Macinsky, Director of Content Marketing and Digital Strategy at American Dairy Association North East. “We really needed an easy to use CMS that allowed our content writers and digital marketers to make changes across a range of areas – from page copy to recipes to blog posts. We also wanted a modern web design that elevated our message, made our visual brand more distinct, and improved the entire user experience. Solodev was able to deliver on all fronts, giving us greater control over things like permissions and staging and publishing content.”

One of the key components in ADANE’s website strategy was to safely combine the content found across three heavily trafficked websites into one new site. They needed a partner capable of scaling up their content into one site optimized/crafted for both users and content contributors. 

ADANE also needed a secure hosting partner to handle a fluctuating load. Solodev facilitated the organization’s switch to the AWS Cloud -- a perfect partnership as Solodev is the only enterprise WCMS built from the ground up for the AWS Cloud. Cloud hosting enables emerging brands like ADANE to do more with less. There are no additional hardware costs and no need to plan for capacity which freed up ADANE to prioritize their aggressive content strategy over a multi-state area with no additional worries.

“They’ve also trained our team to become self-sufficient while still providing support when we really need it,” Macinsky said. “You couldn’t ask for a better partnership for digital success.” 

The new website is live and can be found at

“In approaching Solodev and DigitalUs, American Dairy North East saw our success with a previous client in Florida Dairy and how we understood the unique needs of a website that had to migrate extensive content from one platform to another,” said Matt Garrepy, Chief Digital Officer at Solodev. "Content is lifeblood of this organization. Luckily, ADANE already had a library of recipes and resources for farming partners/network of farmers. However, they needed more than a website; they needed a web experience and a way to control permissions for their content developers."

“We wanted to ensure that ADANE’s new website was easily accessible to both its end users and its numerous content developers. We encouraged them to move to the AWS Cloud's services due to the extensive nature of its information across the US North East," Shawn said.

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