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Welcome to the New Solodev

Oh the times, they are a' changing. Welcome to the new look of Solodev!

Everyone needs a fresh look now and again, and you might’ve noticed our website got quite the facelift recently.

We’re proud of this new redesign; we look good.

Each section of our staff – from design to programming to copy -- put all hands on deck to launch the new site. We hope you like the remodel.

Here are a few key elements we want to feature:

Clean design inside and out

Cleaner design means better visuals on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. We constantly preach the virtues of mobile-first design, and we made sure our new website look continued to uphold that belief. We optimized our site by using Sass to plug holes in our CSS. Items look cleaner, load faster, and are easier to adjust on the backend. Maintenance just got a lot simpler. We also compiled files and streamlined our look to give a faster website and improve overall user experience (UX). We upgraded to Bootstrap 4 which gives us a framework creative ideas. It also makes our responsive mode that much better for mobile users. 

Websites with character

We believe the best websites have personalities of their own. However, we didn’t just give our website one personality; we gave it four. You’ll notice our new, animated Solodev space team popping up in various places throughout our website. They might even have a few Easter eggs thrown in for fun, so be sure to click around and get to know them! We'll be adding more as we continue to develop our site and the following four distinct personalities. 

Code Monkey, Rocket Spacebear, Captain Kelvin Spacely, and Commander Diana -- these four characters embody difference facets of our company which we hold dear. Code Monkey represents our love of programming; Rocket Spacebear reflects our passion for excellent marketing strategies; Captain Spacely showcases our emphasis on cloud-first hosting strategies; and Commander Diana holds it all together when problems arise with her excellent customer service at the 'control center.' 

Up-to-date resource blog

It’s allliiiiiiive! We’re reviving the blog, and we’re excited for readers to see what’s new! Yes, we’ll continue writing helpful tutorials for customizing your website. We'll even detail exactly how we transformed our own website and the tools we used to update our look in future posts. We also want to expand our content with resources particularly tailored for those non-developers who use Solodev CMS. We’ve also definitely got a few tricks up our sleeves for later, so be sure to check in for the latest announcements and daily postings from the blog!

DIY language for all levels

We’re a software development company at our very core. However, we understand that not everyone gets excited by hearing words like “CSS,” “cloud-hosting,” and “JQuery plug ins” (at least not yet). We wanted our redesign to be for everyone – from our loyal web developers who love getting into the gritty details of code to the small business owner who just wants her website to grow the business of her dreams.

What's caught your eye with regard to the new look? Do you have a favorite character yet? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We might even dedicate a blog post or two to answering those questions!

Shelby Rogers
Contributions Editor here at Solodev. Want to be featured on the Solodev Blog? Get in touch.
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