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Weekly Roundup: Five More Days of Code

Pure JS Hero Sliders, Parallax Hero Images, Magnific Popups, Pagination, JavaScript Progress Bars...

Every week new tutorials are posted to the growing Solodev Web Design Blog! Here is a list of what was added the week of September 26th!

How to Build a Hero Slider with Pure JavaScript

How to Build a Hero Slider with Pure JavaScript

Most sliders on the web rely on third party jQuery plugins to function. In this tutorial, you'll learn to build an animated slider with pure JavaScript.

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How to Create a Parallax Hero Image

Create a Parallax Hero Image

A Parallax Hero Image creates a depth and transition effect when scrolling down to the main hero of your page to the content below. The following tutorial shows you how to add a parallax hero image to your website.

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Adding Magnific Popup to your Photo Gallery

Add Magnific Popup to Your Photo Gallery

Graphics have taken on an increasingly central role to online content and the need for interactive and beautifully designed photo galleries has never been more prevalent. In this article we will show you how to add magnific popup by Dmitry Semenov to your photo gallery turning your photos into clickable and expandable elements with further detail.

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Adding Pagination to your Website

Add Pagination to Your Website

In this article, Solodev will teach you how to add pagination, an excellent way to navigate large amounts of content, to your website using a jQuery Bootstrap Plugin. Pagination allows you to make large amounts of content easy to find and breaks up several entries or web content into multiple pages, allowing you to toggle through content with ease.

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Creating a Progress Bar with JavaScript

Create a Progress Bar with JavaScript

Progress bars are all over the web but not all are created equal. Aside from the basic functionality of the progress bar, the design is critical to the user experience. This tutorial gives you the code you need to craft a beautiful progress bar with JavaScript.

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