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Weekly Roundup 5: Five Days of Code

Transitioning Sticky Navs, Responsive Footers, Effective Login Pages, Lazy Loading Images, and Dynamic Dropdowns...

Every week new tutorials are posted to the growing Solodev Web Design Blog! Here is a short list of what was added the week of August 15th!

Adding a Transitioning Nav Using CSS

Transitioning Navigation Using CSS

A transitioning sticky navigation allows you to display two different navigations based on where the viewer is on the page. This article gives you the code to add a sticky transitioning navigation to your website which you can customize to meet your needs.

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Adding a Responsive Footer to your Website

Responsive Footer to your Website

Your footer is a reminder of your brand, product, and the various elements of content on your website. It also serves as a great way to enable site search, social share, and contact forms. Having a mobile responsive footer is essential in the mobile age.

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Designing an Effective Login Page

Design an Effective Login Page

In Part II of our User Portal Series, we will walk you through building a login page. Your login page is the most frequented web page of your website so make it as intuitive and user friendly as possible.

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Lazy Loading Images Using Slick Slider

Lazy Loading Images Using Slick Slider

Lazy loading your images can improve your website speed by only calling on the loading of your image(s) when they are needed. This increases the efficiency of your website and improves page speed. In Part 4 of our Slick Slider Series, we will walk you through the process of lazy loading your slider images using Slick Slider by Ken Wheeler.

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Adding a Dynamic State Dropdown

Add Dynamic Dropdown

It's usually the details that sets websites apart and as forms are apart of the everyday web, making them interactive and easy to use is crucial. selectize.js by Brian Reavis adds the ease of use and interactivity lacking in most web forms. This article will walk you through adding a dynamic state dropdown to your forms.

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