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This Week's Roundup: Five Days of Code

Customer Logo Carousels, Contact Us Designs, Beautifully Crafted Landing Pages, Homepage Sliders, Callout Boxes...

Every week new tutorials are posted to the growing Solodev Web Design Blog! Here is a list of what was added the week of August 29th!

Responsive Contact Us Design

Contact Us Page Designs

In Part II of our series on Contact Us Page Designs, we provide a mobile responsive contact us form for your website. Simply place the design between your header and footer and you've got a brand new contact us page!

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Designing a Customer Logo Carousel with Solodev

Customer Logo Carousel with Solodev

Nothing shows potential customers your credibility more than a stream of company logos sliding across your homepage. This tutorial will provide you with the code you need to build a customer carousel module using Solodev Shortcodes.

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Adding a Hero Slider to your Website

Effective Hero Slider

An effective hero slider provides users with the most valuable content on your site aligned with your goals and prompts them to take action. In Part I of our FlexSlider Series, we provide you with the code you need to easily add a hero slider to your homepage using the fully responsive jQuery toolkit FlexSlider by WooThemes.

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Designing a Responsive Landing Page

Responsive Landing Page Design

Landing Pages are essential to delivering unique digital experiences and content to your audience. This article provides a mobile responsive landing page design and instructions on how to assemble the design using HTML5 and customize it to meet the needs of your business.

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Adding a Callout Box to your Website

Callout Box

A callout box is an effective way to display your call-to-action on your website in between content blocks. Our callout box design is mobile responsive and allows room for your call-to-action, some additional messaging, and a CTA button.

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