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The Solodev Weekly Roundup

Multimedia Footer Forms, Designing a "Latest Posts" Widget, Google's PageRank Updates and How they Affect you...

Every day new HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials are posted to the growing Solodev Web Design Blog! Here is a list of what was added the week of February 20th!

Creating a Multimedia Footer Form For your Website

Multimedia Footer Form

It's no surprise that having footer forms on all of your web pages increase website conversions. Since there's more places for site visitors to convert, by default the probability is higher. How can you make the probability even higher? Making that footer form more than just a one way street can certainly help. Don't just ask for information, exchange information. While they are filling out the form there may be a graphic or video that entices them even more. Perhaps without the graphic or video, they wouldn't have even submitted the form. In this tutorial, Solodev will teach you how to add a multimedia footer form to your website.

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Styling your Latest Posts Widget

Posts Widget

Whether it is news or a blog it is ideal to have a "Latest Posts" widget on your website. Blog and news posts are consistent and dated and finding the latest content Published to your website may be difficult for site visitors. Many websites solve this problem by adding a date filter to their content. Doing this adds more steps the user has to take to find the latest information from your organization. By adding a "Latest Posts" widget to your website, your website visitors don't need to go anywhere else to read the latest from your organization. In this tutorial, Solodev will show you how to add and style a "Latest Posts" widget for your website.

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Google's PageRank Changes and How they will Affect You


Search engine optimization is constantly changing and Google’s latest algorithmic update to PageRank has changed everything you once knew were SEO best practices. Elements such as meta data and H1 tags that once weighed heavily in ranking your website are now not as important as they once were. Structured data, mobile optimization, and speed, are the three new factors to consider when optimizing your website. Let's dig into getting you up to speed with the latest focal points of SEO.

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