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How to Use Bootstrap Accordions to Organize FAQ Pages

FAQs are some of the most helpful pages on a website. Here's how to consolidate and style them in a way that makes sense to users without overwhelming them with copy.

An FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions) page on your organization's website can easily be one of the most important pieces to your site -- especially for meeting a visitor's needs.

They can alleviate purchasing anxieties by offering deeper explanations for products or services that your product page might not have had room for. FAQ pages also improve SEO and site navigation through internal link building. They also give your customer support a break by giving people a one-stop shop to answer their questions. They can even serve as the prime spot on your website to experiment with copy tone and brand personality.

Regardless of what FAQs your website answers, any good FAQ page has to be organized and easy to use. Messy FAQ pages only serve to frustrate customers more. All they want are answers, so make it easy for them to get what they need. This Bootstrap tutorial can show you how to use Bootstrap accordions to organize FAQ pages. 


The HTML takes advantage of some built-in Bootstrap components such as collapse and default spacing:


The CSS is just used to do some additional formatting, in addition to adding collapsible arrow icons (via FontAwesome) as additional indicators:

With these accordions, you can even group various FAQs of a similar nature together, thus helping your users quickly find the content they need.

Want to see how this functionality could look on your site before you invest the time in coding? Try it out first in the JSFiddle below! Don't forget to adjust the browser window at a variety of sizes to see exactly how the website responds in mobile format!

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