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How to Optimize your PPC Ads

This article will teach you how to optimize your PPC ads so you get the highest return on investment from your PPC spend.

As a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) enthusiast, it crushes my little digital marketing soul when I come across PPC ads that aren’t well thought out and optimized. I see this across all industry verticals, from healthcare, to restaurants, and even retail chains. In this blog post I’ll provide examples of non-optimized PPC ads and suggestions as to how to optimize them.

A quick search for LED lighting help in Google brings this ad to view:


Tip 1 - Place keywords in your display URL

At a first glance I see that the ones who are running these ads aren’t utilizing keywords in the display URL. Something simple as would suffice.  

Tip 2 - Utilize the description section of your ad

Provide a clear call to action, but at the same time you want to utilize all, if not most, of the character spaces allowed. For this ad, we could have added, Serving Orlando, Save 10% on Kichler LED Installation. Learn More. 

Tip 3 - Use Ad Extensions

There are several types of ad extensions. You can read more about ad extensions on google’s support page. But having these ad extensions will often increase your total clicks, thus improving the click-through rate (CTR). It also improves your ad’s visibility. 

What your ad should look like

This ad for example has services extension, callout extension, and an optimized URL. 

What your ad should look like

Using these tips will help your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) increase, make your ads more relevant to users searching for your terms, and the ultimate end goal – increase conversions.

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