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How to Make Animated Toolbox Flyouts

Giving more control and a better UX to your website visitors doesn't have to be tricky. Here's an easy way to do that with animated toolbox flyouts.

Your website's content is one of the most important pieces to your website's success. At times, your website users might not need all of the content you offer at one time. Using animated toolbox flyouts can help offset the amount of copy seen on a page. This cleans up the look of a page by not squeezing in more copy. It also gives your website visitors more control over the content they need to see and when they need to see it. This simple ability to trigger a flyout gives them an improved user experience.



Before you add this to your website, feel free to test it out in the JSFiddle below. Don't forget to adjust the screen size to see how the flyouts render on other sizes like a tablet or mobile device.

Want to see how it all looks before committing to its use? Check out the JSFiddle below. Be sure to scale your browser window to various sizes to see how the banner would look on mobile display.

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