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How to Design a Testimonial Slider

Your customers and clients love your brand, and they even admitted it online! Showcase those statements in this stylish testimonial slider tutorial.

It’s a nice feeling to hear your customers say pleasant things about your business and they’re experience with your brand. Testimonials speak to the power of your product, sure, but more often than not, they establish a brand trust deeper than any five-star review. They’re also the most powerful form of marketing, with over 88 percent of marketers saying that a testimonial or referral from another client helped them land new business. Testimonials can lead to word-of-mouth marketing -- one of the most coveted ways for any business to establish brand trust and loyalty.

It’s great to have your website listed on review sites like Yelp and to monitor social media discussion around your brand. However, your testimonials should ultimately live where they’ll have the biggest impact on your potential buyers -- on your website. We strongly recommend putting your tutorials on the homepage. Seeing that other people validated your company could drive potential customers further into your website -- ideally to the product pages.

One of the most functional ways to display your testimonials is in a slider. This tutorial will show you just how simple it can be to add this potentially conversion-increasing element:


The HTML here uses Bootstrap 4 heavily, focusing on the text alignment, spacing, and typography.


Since so much of the styling is being implemented by Bootstrap 4's classes, the CSS can cleanly focus on custom design and perfect responsivity.


A short call to Slick Slider and some custom JSON settings allow you to create the functionality you desire for your slider.

Want to see how this testimonial slider could look on your site before you invest the time in coding? Try it out first in the JSFiddle below!

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