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Designing a Featured Video Section for Your Website

With the popularity of video content skyrocketing, properly featuring your videos can boost your website's engagement. Here's how to design a featured video section for your website.

Over the last decade, digital marketing's focus on video content has skyrocketed.

YouTube videos are being consumed at rates never before seen in the company's history, and 45 percent of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos each week. In fact, more video content is uploaded in 30 days to the internet than most major US television netwokrs have created in the last 30 years, according to Wordstream

Your brand and your website needs video in order to succeed. 

One of the best ways to place video content on your website is to have a dedicated 'featured video' section somewhere sensical. This could be an explainer video on the website's homepage, a series of how-to videos on a Help page, or even the latest happenings within your organization on a News section. 

Regardless of where you put your respective video sections, remember that it will still need to draw a user's attention. One of the best ways to catch the eye of your website visitors is by showcasing your videos in a featured video section. 


The HTML utilizes Bootstrap 4 to create a section with one featured video and two subsequent videos to better help user engagement. With such a set up, you could create a dynamic module that allows your content editors to automatically showcase new videos as they are added to your CMS.


Very minimal CSS is needed as we allow Bootstrap 4 to pick up the heavy lifting:

When creating a section to showcase your videos, its important to not overthink the process. Let the videos speak for themselves and give your users a variety of choices to peak their interest. With such concepts, you're sure to see higher levels of engagement.

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