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Adding Feature Tiles to your Website with Font Awesome

Learn how to add feature tiles to your website using CSS and Font Awesome

Displaying the features of your product and/or services is important on your website. While some may use plain text with bullet points, others tend to lean more on the visual side of things to display their features. Using visuals to communicate your features to website visitors has become increasingly more popular to the point of being a best practice. Providing visual context to the features gives your website visitors a more immediate understanding of your overall offering. In this article, Solodev will teach you how to add feature tiles containing Font Awesome icons to your website. Enjoy!

Below is the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required.

Step 1 - feature-tiles.html

Copy and paste the code below into feature-tiles.html

Step 2 - feature-tiles.css

Download the CSS below and include it in your web page


Step 3 - Add the includes below to your web page

In this tutorial we showed you how to add feature tiles to your website using Font Awesome and CSS. Now you can customize the design and make it your own!

Elena Roig
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