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Adding an Alert Bar to your Website

Have ever needed to urgently alert your website visitors? If so, an alert bar is the way to go. Solodev provides the how-to for implementing this on your site.

In some cases, websites require an alert bar at the top of the page if there is something urgent website visitors must know. If there is an outage in a company's services, a natural disaster, or a very important message, perhaps regarding website maintenance, an alert bar is the way to go. In this article, Solodev provides you with a tutorial on adding an alert bar to your website.

Below is the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required.

Step 1 - alert-bar.html

Copy and paste the HTML below into your web page

Step 2 - alert-bar.css

Download the CSS below and include it in your web page

Step 3 - Add the includes below to your web page

In this article, Solodev showed you how to add an alert bar to your website. You can customize your alert bar to suit your needs and remove it when there is no longer a need to "alert" website visitors.

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