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Adding a Form Popup to your Sticky Tab

Add a Sticky Tab to your website and convert more site visitors by allowing them to click the tab and fill out a popup form...

Providing easy ways for users to sign up for your product or service without having to search through your website is crucial to success online. Adding a Sticky Tab to your website allows you to convert more website visitors by allowing them to easily click the sticky tab and fill out a popup form anywhere on your website.

Below is the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to add this functionality to your website.

Step 1 - Add the HTML below where you would like your sticky-tab to populate

Step 2 - Add the HTML below to the bottom of your web page where your sticky-tab lives

Step 3 - Add the CSS below to the main stylesheet of your website

Step 4 - Add the JavaScript below to onclick-form-popup.js

Step 5 - Add the includes below to the page where your sticky-tab and popup form will live

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