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Add a Dynamic Breadcrumb to your Solodev Website

A breadcrumb on any given website is static requiring developers to go page by page and add the appropriate links to create breadcrumbs page by page.

If you are not using a Content Management System, creating breadcrumb navigation on your website can be time consuming as you go page by page and add the appropriate intertwining links. At Solodev, we created a shortcode to dynamically create breadcrumbs on web pages without the need to code them page by page.

Shortcode and Breadcrumbs

Below is everything you need to add a dynamic breadcrumb to every page of your website without any custom development. We have included the code and the CSS to give it some style. Enjoy.

Step 1

Copy and paste the Solodev Shortcode snippet below to the location where you’d like to place your breadcrumb. 

Best practices suggest placing your breadcrumb(s) it in the upper left hand of your web pages.

Step 2

Add the CSS below to your website's stylesheet to add styling to your breadcrumb.

Now you’ve made your website much easier to navigate without having to go page by page and hard code links to other pages as the code above does it all for you!

For more information on the power of using Solodev Shortcodes, visit our in-depth Solodev Documentation.

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