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A Web Design Roundup from Solodev

Adding a Load More button to your content, Full Width Sectionals, Customer Quote Sliders, and Top 5 Google AdWords Reporting Scripts

Every day new HTML, CSS, and JavaScript tutorials are posted to the growing Solodev Web Design Blog! Here is a list of what was added the week of March 13th!

Adding a Load More Button to your Content

Showcasing your content on the web is more essential than ever. However, there's so much content and only so much real estate on a web page before the viewer stops scrolling. Web designers and developers have recognized this behavior in website visitors and have implemented different techniques to display content in the most intuitive way while still providing the volume of content some visitors may require. In this tutorial, a simple "Load More" button and some JavaScript will suffice.

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Adding a Full Width Sectional to your Website

Contemporary web design often blends fixed-width containers with full-width sectionals. By utilizing a full-width sectional, you can highlight specific content pieces, reinforced by an appropriate image that captures your audience's attention. Determining which content to place in a fixed-width container or a full-width sectional is mainly dependent on two things - the importance of the content and messaging as well as its supporting visual medium (graphic, video, icons, slider). Determining what content should be placed where should feel intuitive to you, simply align your content and messaging placement with its level of importance to your organizational goals.

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Adding a Customer Quote Slider using jQuery

Customer Quote Slider

In this tutorial we will teach you how to add a customer quote slider to your website that adds context to your customer roster. Instead of logos, the slider will display actual quotes from customers further establishing your credibility and providing site visitors with specific instances of success that they are more likely to relate to and as a result, engage with your business.

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Top Five Google AdWords Reporting Scripts

Top 5 Google AdWords

If you’re a PPC aficionado like myself, you’re always looking for ways to find the best reporting tool for your PPC campaigns. While AdWords does have reporting capabilities, there are scripts out there that can take your reporting skills to the next level. AdWords scripts provide a way to programmatically control your AdWords data using simple JavaScript in a browser-based IDE. You can use scripts to automate common procedures or interact with external data—for one to many AdWords accounts. If this is your first try at implementing scripts, look at Google’s explanation of what scripts are and what you are able to accomplish with them. Basically, Adwords scripts provide a way to control your data using JavaScript. You can automate common procedures with Adwords Scripts.

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