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Welcome to the New Solodev Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Platform

Notice anything different? Solodev launched something new, and we've got more on the way...

Amidst the tech boom in the late 2000s, we founded Solodev. When we started, we had one vision in mind: helping solo developers (the “solo dev”) create custom websites.

In a world of cookie-cutter open-source website platforms, we wanted to give developers something stable, reliable, and safe.

We realized over time that while we were serving our clients, they were serving another group of people: customers. Our clients started asking for more integrations to meet their business needs, more modules to connect with customers, and fresh designs to improve their branding.

So, instead of sending you on more wild goose chases to secure hosting, integrations, and designs, we decided we’d change Solodev to meet your needs.

Rather than focus on trendy software developments that serve no purpose, we listened to our clients to give them an easier way to navigate our website. We’re not iterating for iterating’s sake anymore. We want to create a truly remarkable digital customer experience.

You might’ve noticed that already. After all, it’s in the brand new product name -- Solodev Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Platform.

Wait, what happened to Solodev CMS?

A question we’ve wrestled with is “does this mean we’re not a content management system anymore?” Well, yes and no.

We still want to be a platform for users to host a variety of content safely and securely to reach their target audience. But over the last few years, CMS capabilities keep shrinking back. CMS companies have become so nitpicky and feature-focused that it’s harder to integrate with their platforms.

That might work for some businesses, but if you’re trying to integrate with the best tools in marketing, you shouldn’t have to struggle to connect your CMS to a platform.

And as the Digital Customer Experience (DCX) and Digital Experience (DX) ecosystems evolved, they started including CMS platforms -- but with a twist.

Think of Solodev CMS as a powerful rocket booster for your website. Solodev DCX includes that same rocket booster (with a few upgrades), but we’re no longer making you build the rest of the ship. We're giving you the freedom to customize your website to meet customer demands -- unrestricted by the limitations of a standard CMS platform. 

So what's new?

Yeah, yeah, we get it. It’s a rebrand. Everyone and their dentist is doing a rebrand right now, and sometimes the sites wind up looking the same.

But we noticed over the past two years that our brand identity wasn’t aligned with how we wanted to serve our customers.

We think our cleaner design feels a bit more familiar to the digital space. We improved our navigation and streamlined our pages down to only those that served a purpose to our customers and potential Solodevs.

Don’t worry, we still kept Rocket Spacebear and Code Monkey. We still want to launch your website with the same care SpaceX puts into launching the Falcon Heavy. But the new design doesn’t exist for *us* anymore. It exists as space for *you*.

New digital customer experience features on the way

But wait, there’s more! Our rebrand lays the foundation for several exciting new releases:

Solodev DX Marketplace

Think of it as the app store for your website launch. You’ll have integrations at your disposal from your favorite third-party digital experience platforms.

Single sign-on capabilities

Single sign-on will give users one single login for multiple apps. It’ll also streamline future functions we create for Solodev down the road. As your teams get bigger, Solodev SSO gives you a secure way to access the software you need fast.

Free developer license

That’s right. We’re preparing to let you try out our Solodev DCX platform for free with access to our custom LunarXP design template and all the documentation you need to get started.

Explore the new Solodev solution

Your digital space reflects who you are as an organization. The digital experiences of your customers matter. We wanted to create something new that brings your digital dreams to life and transforms what you think of website capabilities. 

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