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A New Years Web Design Roundup by Solodev

Creating a Toggled Search Bar, Booking Forms with jQuery UI, A/B Testing with Solodev Experiments...

Happy New Years (almost) from the Solodev Team! Thank you for your continued support this year! Our blog has grown from just a few web designers and developers reading our blog daily to thousands. Here is a list of what we added the week of December 26th!

Creating a Toggled Search Bar

In this tutorial, we teach you how to add a search icon button to your website navigation that populates a search bar when clicked. This allows you to provide the ability to search your website without interfering in the design and user experience of your website. In this article, Solodev teaches you how to add a clickable search icon to your website navigation that populates a search form onClick.

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How to Create a Booking Form with jQuery UI

Scheduling is an important part of the online ecosystem. Scheduling is a large part of sales and provides convenience to your website visitors and customers who can schedule appointments, phone calls, demos, tours, and more on your website with a date picker. For whatever the use, jQuery UI's date picker makes it easy to add any scheduling functionality to your website. In this article, we will walk you through building a booking (hotels, flights, rental cars, etc.) form for your website using jQuery UI.

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Build Amazing Websites with Solodev
With the Solodev Website Builder, it's faster and easier to design, build, and launch beautifully crafted websites than ever before.
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