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Our Solodev New Year's Resolutions for 2018

Solodev's mission control has our resolutions ready to go, but what about our Solodev team flying around in space? We did a quick interview during one of their recent missions.

The new year is just days away, and everyone in the Solodev universe is crafting their New Year’s Resolutions. Ground control has their resolutions ready to go, but what about our eclectic team of responders traveling through space?

We recently asked our team what they hope to accomplish in 2018 while on their latest mission.

Code Monkey’s Biggest Resolution – More Code! Better Code! All the Code!

“Hey, earth-bound devs! Next year, I resolve to keep building the best code possible. Best code means best infrastructure and best infrastructure means best websites and best websites means – well, it means you can become the best! If I became the best at anything, I’d finally be able to tell Rocket Spacebear I beat him at something other than finger jousting.

“Oh, and I want to help other people explore the joys of coding more. Even if they don’t like coding, I want people to learn to love their websites, not fear them.”

Rocket Spacebear's Resolution – Taking Marketing to Another Level for 2018

“Ah, yes, resolutions – those glorious standards by which we hold ourselves accountable and dream big dreams. I plan on making my next year like my SEO – highly optimized and primed to become Number 1 (assuming Code Monkey doesn’t drive me insane first).

“I want to integrate more of my marketing stack whenever I can. I need to have my tools at the ready at all times. You never know when you’ll need them.”

Captain Kelvin's Dream Resolutions – Securing his Future Thanks to the AWS Cloud

“Hello, Solodevs! Next year, I resolve to show everyone I meet the power of the AWS Cloud. After all, it’s what powers this ship to success. There's the AWS CloudFormation for juggling multiple servers or applications, AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (or EC2 here in this galaxy) helps scale capacity whenever needed, oh and this is all under the fantastic secure hosting of AWS's technology. 

"On a more, um, personal note, I might also ask out a certain ‘solo’dev commander…

"Wait, she won’t read this will she?”

Commander Diana's New Year Resolution – Maintaining Peace Throughout the Universe and Leading her Crew to Success

“Honestly, I’ve never been the biggest fan of making New Year’s Resolutions, and I certainly find myself redirecting those resolutions about halfway through the year. I’m constantly trying to fix other problems that I’ve barely had time to think of my own goals.

In a way, my own resolution could be helping others fulfill their goals. Yes, yes, let’s go with that. Next year, I resolve to continue providing 24/7 service to those who call for our team. I also want to help them troubleshoot as much as possible. There’s something incredibly satisfying about solving a nagging problem.

One final resolution – I resolve to do my best to keep the team together and functioning. During our New Years Eve party last year, Rocket Spacebear threatened to eat Code Monkey…”


From the whole Solodev team (including this ground crew), we hope you have a fantastic New Year! What are resolutions you've got for either your website, organization, or personal goals? Let us know via Twitter @solodev or on Facebook

Shelby Rogers
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