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How to Style an In the News Section for Your Website

Create an In the News section that does more than brag about your organization's successes. Show your customers how your successes are really theirs.

An "In the News" section can be an often overlooked PR tool that showcases how your company or organization successfully meets the needs of its customers. 

News sections are particularly helpful if your organization is a nonprofit or has heavy community involvement. News sections give your organization the opportunity to showcase to investors, stakeholders, volunteers, and the community at large how exactly your organization meets its goals.

A few things to remember when deciding what news to host on your website: 

1) Not every success or mention deserves a place on the "In the News" section. 

There's a fine line between self-congratulatory news posting and showcasing the biggest successes. Be judicious and aim for the latter. Your website visitors will quicklly be bored by every little mention and small notice your company earned. Save the news posts for major company wins -- something that reassures potential buyers that they're making the right choice in picking your brand. 

2)  News content has to benefit your readers.

News content is still content that can be leveraged as part of a larger content marketing strategy. In addition to the appropriate internal and external linking, make sure that your content directly explains to the reader how they can benefit from your successes. For example, if your company recently won a Best in Customer Service award from a reputable group, explain what your customers gain from that recognition. 

 As a rule of thumb, if you can't explain why a particular award directly benefits your customers, it's best to leave it off the News section. 

3) Think beyond traditional news posts. 

Don't be afraid to explore adding video elements or infographics to supplement your news postings. Your readers will appreciate the variety of information. Plus, it'll give your content teams an opportunity to get creative in how they expand your organization's marketing strategy. 


The HTML is primarily built using default Bootstrap 4 classes. Some Solodev-specific styling was altered for general usage.


CSS is used here to make the page as SEO friendly as possible, while keeping the styling intact.

There you have it: a styled In the News section for your organization to showcase its successes and draw more engagement on your website. Don't forget to adjust the browser window to various sizes to see how this tutorial looks on a mobile-responsive format!

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