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How to Build Expandable and Collapsible FAQ Elements

FAQ pages are some of the most important on your organization's website, particularly if your website exists in a more complicated industry like healthcare or finance. Here's a simple way to streamline those FAQs.

Frequently Asked Question pages can be some of the most helpful pages on any website. They give your visitors the chance to learn more about your website with answers to common concerns or questions anyone might have. 

While these pages can be incredible for smaller organizations, they can be a nightmare to navigate on larger industry pages. Too much content can overwhelm or frustrate a reader who can't find the answer to a question he / she desperately needs resolved. Forcing your website visitor to scroll through mounds of copy is tiring, ineffecient, and results in a poor user experience. 

There's an easier way to sort through and organize these FAQ pages. Expandable and Collapsible FAQ elements only show the questions most commonly asked by visitors. This boosts UX by reducing the copy cluttering a page, and this format puts the power of accessing copy in the hands of your users. And by streamlining the FAQ content, it allows the page (and thus your website) to be considerably more mobile responsive. People can quickly and easily find the answers to the questions they have, whether they're on the go with a mobile device or sitting behind a desktop. 

Here's how to build expandable and collapsible FAQ elements for your own page's content: 



There you have it: a streamlined way to showcase your FAQ content without overwhelming your website visitors. Want to see how it all looks before committing to the style? Check out the JSFiddle below. And don't forget to adjust your browser window to various sizes to see how these expandable elements streamline your mobile design. 

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