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Solodev DCX for Docker Now Available in AWS Quick Start Deployment

The cloud-first content management and customer experience platform expands its container strategy by offering the AWS “gold standard” for rapidly deploying websites and applications.

By Solodev

Amazon ECS for Docker with Solodev DCX Available on Quick Start Image

Solodev, the industry-leading website content management system (CMS) built for Amazon Web Services (AWS), announces the launch of its Quick Start Solodev DCX Enterprise for Docker and AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS). The solution now accelerates the ECS for Solodev DCX solution that's been available over the past year.

Referred to as the “gold standard” for deployment, Quick Starts are designed by certified AWS solution architects in collaboration with AWS partners – validating the code, services, and best practices necessary to launch secure, highly available applications in the AWS Cloud. Quick Starts reduce hundreds of manual procedures to just a few steps, allowing users to provision Solodev DCX in a matter of minutes.

“There’s no question; containers are the future, and CMS has been the missing piece,” said Shawn Moore, Chief Technology Officer at Solodev. “At a time when advanced web solutions can cost millions, Solodev’s pioneering use of container technology significantly reduces costs and eliminates the friction in building websites, setting up servers and everything in between. Just like the cloud before it, containers are changing the way enterprise organizations create and build IT infrastructures, and we’re excited to be on the ground floor of container transformation with AWS.”

Solodev’s new container product changes the way CMS is purchased and provisioned, allowing individuals and organizations to deploy, manage and scale enterprise-grade websites and applications faster than ever. Solodev containers can be easily set up and launched in minutes through the AWS Marketplace $1.25 per hour per container with no long-term contracts.

The new Solodev DCX Quick Start for Docker includes an AWS CloudFormation template that automatically deploys a range of dynamic services. With orchestration via Amazon ECS, users can move from local environments to clusters in seconds and across multiple AWS Availability Zones to enhance uptime and redundancy. The Quick Start also includes step-by-step deployment instructions and access to a well-documented repo.

“At Solodev, our container strategy is simple: give our customers more freedom and control,” said Shawn Moore, chief technology officer at Solodev. “There’s no question that containers are improving productivity and saving companies millions. But they’re also providing more choice to our customers. They want to build digital customer experiences on their own terms to meet their market and business needs. Now, they can also choose to deploy and manage those experiences wherever they want – and Solodev will be there.”

Stateless and fault-tolerant, Docker containers provide both instant scalability and significant cost savings for running applications and microservices in production. With Solodev DCX, customers can deploy a fully containerized CMS for as little as $1.25 per hour and tap greater storage and operational efficiencies. Along with their Docker and Amazon ECS offering, Solodev is one of only four companies worldwide to offer paid Kubernetes containers by the hour through Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), which is also available as managed Kubernetes services in the AWS marketplace. 

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