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CMS Enterprise

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Solodev is the leading cloud-first CMS for AWS! Build amazing websites and apps, publish content across channels, and deploy custom digital experiences powered by a scalable enterprise cluster.

Product Features

Build amazing websites and apps on the CMS for AWS. Create rich, enterprise-grade websites that engage and convert. Share comments and review ideas. Run content operations with little or no code. It's all possible with the Solodev Content Management System (CMS). Go beyond websites and build complex, API-driven applications like eCommerce shopping carts, inventory systems, and more. Customize advanced integrations with best-of-breed software and IoT devices, and get access to training and U.S.-based support. 

As a cloud-first CMS platform, Solodev makes it easy to launch without worrying about infrastructure. Quickly deploy a Solodev CMS Enterprise cluster with load balancing and auto-scaling to meet the highest levels of availability and handle virtually any amount of traffic, leveraging multiple geographic data centers for unmatched redundancy, security, and scalability.

  • Collaborate: Work together with everyone on your team - from marketing to development - to build websites, share comments, review code, and publish ideas.
  • Built for developers and low-code users: Solodev brings rich functionality and access to PHP for the most ambitious developers, but it's also designed to make it easy for less code-savvy users to be successful with templates, documentation, and more. 
  • Advanced functionality: Build custom applications and third-party integrations with advanced capabilities, including eCommerce shopping carts, career portals, and more.
  • Hybrid headless: Whether you're managing a traditional website with templates and pages or connecting with a React frontend, Solodev provides a single, unified platform for pushing content to every channel. 
  • Multi-site: Run multiple websites and apps in a single Solodev instance. 
  • Granular permissions: Leverage the industry's best permission system, allowing you to manage your team with draft, stage, and publish capabilities at every level. 
  • Built-in modules: Choose from a range of off-the-shelf managers like blogs and calendars, or build your own from the ground up.
  • Cloud-first: Solodev CMS is designed exclusively for AWS and available in a single, affordable web server. Convenient hourly billing or annual options are available.
  • Designed to integrate: With Solodev's built-in API, you can connect at both a site and module level, allowing you to rapidly integrate a wide range of third-party apps and services. 
  • Host and scale with AWS: Futureproof in the world's most trusted cloud infrastructure and elevate security, scalability, and performance with Solodev - built for AWS.
  • Deploy with ease: Solodev CMS Enterprise is built to deploy in the Solodev Cloud in your own AWS account. In minutes, you can instantly spin up your Solodev environment and start building from the Solodev Cloud. 

Product Details

Solodev CMS Enterprise is a leading cloud-first content management system built from the ground up for AWS, providing a secure and scalable solution for demanding, high-availability deployments. CMS Enterprise includes a cluster with load balancing, auto-scaling, RDS MySQL database, PHP, Apache, and Mongo.

  • Collaborate with marketing and dev teams 
  • For developers and low-code/no-code users
  • Build custom websites and applications 
  • Hybrid headless for omnichannel
  • Native multi-site capabilities
  • Granular permissions
  • Built-in modules
  • Cloud-first for AWS
  • Built-in API for integrations 
  • Host and scale with AWS
  • Deploy with ease


Access to the Solodev HelpDesk for basic software support is included (M-F 8:30AM-5:00PM ET). For SLAs and additional support options, please contact or 800-859-7656 to get a plan set up for your organization.


For step-by-step instructions on how to launch our Solodev CMS CloudFormation template, please read choosing and Installing a Solodev Stack.

Pricing and installation

CMS Enterprise

CMS Enterprise CMS Enterprise

  • Solodev CMS software license for a large cluster (up to 3 nodes)
  • High availability
  • Access to general support 

* AWS hosting is not included.

CMS Enterprise is governed by Solodev terms and policies.