Build amazing websites and apps, collaborate with your team, review code, network with other developers, and publish your digital ideas.

Product Features

Solodev CMS is a content management platform that lets your team work together on digital transformation. Build amazing websites and apps, and get access to the latest digital marketing apps with 24/7 support – all powered by AWS. With Solodev, it’s easy to build amazing websites and manage content. Create a page in minutes or collaborate with your team to launch entire customer experiences that promote your brand.

  • Start with a theme. Choose from a pre-built theme like our inspiring LunarXP design template, or go custom and start from scratch. Easy-to-use tools and resources make the journey fast and fun for every level of user, with a simple step-by-step process from setup to launch. 
  • Customize your experience. Now that you’ve chosen a design foundation, it’s time to start building around your brand. With Solodev, you can easily add your logo, change the master color palette, swap out photos, and customize your content. What once took weeks can be ready to launch in minutes – with no complex coding. 
  • Select your apps. Shop the Solodev Marketplace and quickly add a range of functionality to your experience. Start a Blog to share your story and drive traffic. Add a Careers app to handle new job applicants. Launch landing pages in minutes with an easy-to-use page builder.
  • Create a webpage. Web pages are the basic building blocks of a website. In Solodev, you can add a page, customize content, and publish for mobile and desktop in seconds – without any training.  
  • Pick your template. Solodev gives you the freedom to explore your web design. Make wireframes, build from scratch, and upload your own custom template. Choose a pre-built theme or customize the LunarXP template. You’re in control. Go make the experience. 
  • Add your content. Bring your brand to life with powerful headlines, text, images, video, and other media. Manage everything with intuitive editing tools. Create permissions for users on your team to draft, stage or publish their content. It’s all simple with Solodev. 
  • Preview your work and go live. Post your pages for final approval. Stage a version to preview and test before publishing. And launch!

Product Details

Pack your ship with the best-of-breed CMS features, access to PHP, Apache, MySQL, and Mongo all on a single web node - and available on-demand in the AWS Marketplace. Expand the customer experience with these easy to use tools:

  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Granular permissions
  • Archive history
  • Integrated analytics
  • Draft, stage, publish
  • Native multi-site
  • Customizable workflows
  • Automated scheduling
  • Mapping and geolocation


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Pricing and installation


CMS Cloud

  • Integrate with third-party apps via API
  • Manage teams with granular permissions
  • Draft, stage, publish features
  • Native multi-site capabilities
  • Powered by AWS

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