Creatopy is the efficient and intuitive production platform for creating visual experiences! Build stunning animated and video banners, collaborate with your team, and automate your workflow.

Product Features

Design, communicate, and shine with Creatopy! Formerly known as Bannersnack, Creatopy lets you build dynamic and engaging banner assets with an intuitive, cloud-based production platform. Create effortlessly and work together with your team to design your digital brand ecosystem – from retargeting banners to email graphics to social ads and beyond.

Creatopy also features powerful animation tools and rich video editing capabilities, so you can bring your banners to life with a variety of media. You can also scale your campaigns seamlessly with design automation tools like the Creatopy Generator. 

  • Multiply design formats: Create full sets of multiple banner sizes simultaneously in minutes and resize your designs automatically for static and animated banners. 
  • Design on-brand: Fully leverage your brand’s color systems, logos, and graphic elements across your designs, and save everything to a custom brand kit for specific projects and clients.
  • Export for various platforms: Download your designs in bulk and have them fully optimized for any digital platform, from Google Retargeting to Facebook Ads.
  • Build custom animations: Engage your audience with advanced animations that don’t require complex coding skills. Add middle animations, on-click transitions, animated presets – whatever you may need for your designs to come alive.
  • Edit videos: Use Creatopy’s editing tool and create eye-catching video-based ads.
  • Build with free templates and graphics: Start with a professionally designed theme based on your industry, and choose from 8,000+ template designs and graphics.
  • Access free stock photos and videos: Browse over 2 million+ assets to create your unique visual design.
  • Collaborate with your team: Invite users, set up roles, and work together to increase productivity. Throughout the process, you can easily share your work with team members and clients.
  • Get customer support and platform resources: Get expert guidance to help craft your visual story, from articles to visual examples, and tap world-class support, tutorials, and more. 

Product Details

Creatopy is an intuitive, cloud-based visual production platform for creating dynamic animated and video banners.

  • Design multiple banner sizes in minutes
  • Resize automatically for static and animated banners
  • Export to various platforms, from Google to Facebook
  • Add custom animations with no code
  • Edit videos with built-in tools
  • 8,000+ free templates and graphics
  • 2 million+ free stock photos and videos
  • Collaborate with teams and share
  • Customer support and resources


Creatopy's support is handled directly through their global help desk. For more information, visit their support page at


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Pricing and installation


Creatopy Enterprise

  • Includes all features in Automate
  • Organize users into groups
  • Training and onboarding
  • API integration
  • Premium customer support
  • Dedicated account manager  

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