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Millions of people search the internet for jobs each day. The Career Portal helps you structure metadata and relevant keywords to bring qualified applicants to your site.

Product Features

  • Add and modify listings. Create new post listings or update old ones within the portal's intuitive editor.
  • Optimize for search. Metadata tools help people searching the internet for jobs to find their place within your business.
  • Schedule applications. The portal's scheduling feature allows you to schedule a position to appear. You can also schedule when the job listing should disappear from your site.

Product Details

With the Solodev Career Portal, you can create open listings with detailed descriptions so that users know what's currently available within your organization.

Quickly add or adjust your content to meet the changing needs of your business. Include images, video and other media to showcase more of what your company can offer applicants. Take the guesswork out of how long a listing should be on your site by using the scheduling feature to automatically remove a job listing.


Pricing and installation


Careers Standard

Solodev Careers Module

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