Create unique blog content, upload featured images, and structure data with categories all inside the Solodev Blog Module. Pump up SEO power by mapping blog entries to a specified detail page.

Product Features

  • Filter and sort by tag or category. Bring organization to your blog by giving each post a tag or category. Readers can find related content under a tag that interests them, and stay on your site longer.
  • Solodev's automated scheduling. Don't worry about manually posting each blog. Schedule your posts to publish when you need them to. You can also schedule when content needs to disappear as well.
  • Optimized metadata for SEO success. Humans aren't the only ones reading your blog content. Optimize your site's search performance by easily adding meta descriptions and keywords into each post.

Product Details

The Solodev Blog Module lets you schedule when content goes live, keeping your team and blog readers on schedule. The Blog Manager also gives your team a place to collaborate on long-form content. Include more than just copy by easily adding images and video to your posts.

Pricing and installation


Blog Standard

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