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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service

by AWS

Run the most advanced container strategy and scale to new levels with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Harness the power of EKS to manage Kubernetes clusters at optimal cost and performance.

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Product Features

Kubernetes is an open source project, you can use it to run your containerized applications anywhere without needing to change your operational tooling. Kubernetes is maintained by a large community of volunteers and is always improving. Additionally, many other open source projects and vendors build and maintain Kubernetes-compatible software that you can use to improve and extend your application architecture.

  • Run Applications at Scale. Kubernetes lets you define complex containerized applications and run them at scale across a cluster of servers.
  • Seamlessly Move Applications. Using Kubernetes, containerized applications can be seamlessly moved from local development machines to production deployments on the cloud using the same operational tooling. 
  • Run Anywhere. Run highly available and scalable Kubernetes clusters on AWS while maintaining full compatibility with your Kubernetes deployments running on-premises.
  • Add New Functionality. As an open source project, adding new functionality to Kubernetes is easy. A large community of developers and companies build extensions, integrations, and plugins that help Kubernetes users do more.

Product Details

Kubernetes manages clusters of Amazon EC2 compute instances and runs containers on those instances with processes for deployment, maintenance, and scaling. Using Kubernetes, you can run any type of containerized applications using the same toolset on-premises and in the cloud.

AWS makes it easy to run Kubernetes in the cloud with scalable and highly-available virtual machine infrastructure, community-backed service integrations, and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), a certified conformant, managed Kubernetes service.


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