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Go Serverless eBook #1:

What is Serverless?

Go Serverless eBook #1:

Ready to go serverless? Start your journey by learning what serverless is, how it evolved, and its benefits for deploying apps faster, easier, and cheaper while securely scaling to meet your goals.

In this eBook, we'll outline the fundamentals of serverless and how it's transforming the enterprise. Discover how serverless evolved from an array of innovative Cloud technologies, from virtualization to containers. We'll also explain how the serverless model is empowering developers to focus on modern apps without worrying about servers or infrastructure – along with the other amazing benefits this technology offers.

Get this eBook to learn:

  • What serverless computing is and the core values that define serverless thinking
  • Why modern apps are driving the growth of serverless and the key factors accelerating it
  • How serverless works, where it evolved from, and the critical role of Git and DevOps

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