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With Solodev, it’s easy to build amazing websites and manage content. Create a page in minutes or collaborate with your team to launch entire customer experiences that promote your brand.

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Start with a theme

With Solodev, you can create on your own terms. Choose from a pre-built theme like our inspiring LunarXP design template, or go custom and start from scratch. Easy-to-use tools and resources make the journey fast and fun for every level of user, with a simple step-by-step process from setup to launch.

Start with a webpage

Customize your experience

Now that you’ve chosen a design foundation, it’s time to start building around your brand. With Solodev, you can easily add your logo, change the master color palette, swap out photos, and customize your content. What once took weeks can be ready to launch in minutes – with no complex coding.

Select your apps

Shop the Solodev Marketplace and quickly add a range of functionality to your experience. Start a Blog to share your story and drive traffic. Add a Careers app to handle new job applicants. Launch landing pages in minutes with an easy-to-use page builder. It’s all here.

Explore the marketplace

Create a webpage

Web pages are the basic building blocks of a website. In Solodev, you can add a page, customize content, and publish for mobile and desktop in seconds – without any training.

Create a Webpage
Pick your template

Pick your template

Solodev gives you the freedom to explore your web design. Make wireframes, build from scratch, and upload your own custom template. Choose a pre-built theme or customize the LunarXP template. You’re in control. Go make the experience.

Add your content

Bring your brand to life with powerful headlines, text, images, video, and other media. Manage everything with intuitive editing tools. Create permissions for users on your team to draft, stage or publish their content. It’s all simple with Solodev.

Share with your team

Share pages with your team

Draft content for review and invite users to comment. Gather all of your feedback in Solodev.

Update your Draft

Update your draft

Rapidly revise and track changes from your team and restore previous versions as needed.

Preview your Work

Preview your work

Post your pages for final approval. Stage a version to preview and test before publishing.

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Master your SEO

Over 90% of online experiences start with Google. Search drives traffic, now you can drive search with Solodev. Get set for SEO success with built-in tools and best practices. It's easier than you think.

SEO Graphic

First, choose a page name that's simple and intuitive.

SEO Graphic

Second, add a title that helps describe your page.

SEO Graphic

Next, include a description that summarizes what's on your page. Use words relevant to your message.

SEO Graphic

Finally, focus on building pages and let Solodev take care of the rest with dynamic naming and linking. It’s powerful SEO made simple.

Expand the customer experience

From one page to one thousand, the experience is yours with Solodev.

Built-in SEO tools

Enhance your search with a platform fully designed around SEO

Granular permissions

Get full control over who is allowed to manage and deploy across your website

Archive history

Automatically back up and restore to previous versions and maintain user logs

Integrated analytics

Track user and site performance with a powerful analytics dashboard

Draft, stage, publish

Control when users are able to see your content

Native multi-site

Run as many websites and apps in one place with a single login

Customizable workflows

Assign system functions with custom workflows and increase your productivity

Automated scheduling

Schedule your content to go live and come down ahead of time

Mapping and geolocation

Leverage real-time mapping capabilities to build custom map experiences

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Publish and go live

Launch your website with the click of a button. It’s that simple. With Solodev, you can deploy your creations seamlessly and monitor performance at all times. Push changes and updates instantly. Start testing your content with built-in features to improve the customer experience.

Publish and Go Live

Promote your brand

Your website is live! Now it’s time to build your demand for your brand. With Solodev, your marketing team can create experiences that convert paid and organic traffic into customers. Tag everything to track visitors and integrate with your favorite platforms to capture leads, connect data, and energize sales.

Create Landing Page Icon

Create custom landing pages

Give your digital marketing a destination. Rapidly build landing pages that follow industry best practices, maintain your brand, and support SEO.

Dynamic Forms Icon

Build dynamic forms

Add custom forms across your website to capture lead data. Pass lead records to your CRM system fluidly and drive the sales pipeline.

Integrate Icon

Integrate with apps & devices

Connect seamlessly to your favorite third-party apps with API integrations. Manage experiences across devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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