Host on the most scalable, secure, redundant infrastructure on the planet: AWS. With Solodev, you get the same powerful enterprise platform in your choice of the fully managed Solodev Cloud or your own AWS account.

Solodev Hosting

Solodev Cloud

What servers? With Solodev Cloud – powered by AWS – you can focus on your digital transformation without worrying about your hosting. No more hardware or datacenters to manage. We take care of everything so you can take care of business.

  • Save time and money while improving productivity
  • World-class security and redundancy with AWS
  • Hosting costs included

Solodev Enterprise hosting

Host without limits. With Solodev in your own private AWS account, you’ll have total control over your infrastructure with monitoring and 24/7/365 support. Reach the highest levels of availability, security, scalability, and redundancy on the world’s most trusted Cloud infrastructure.

AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Choose your region

Solodev and AWS put the platform and content closer to your customers. Available in multiple AWS regions and Availability Zones around the world – with more on the way – you have unmatched control and redundancy across geographies and across data centers.

Realtime Monitoring

Tune and monitor

With Solodev, you can deploy in mulitple AWS regions around the globe in minutes with a single click. Set load balancing and auto scaling rules to meet unexpected traffic spikes and get instant insight on the health of your websites to improve performance.

  • Leverage multiple datacenters for maximum redundancy
  • Monitor real time server and traffic levels
  • Customize AWS dashboards around key data
  • Set alerts and notifications

Elevate your security

With Solodev and AWS, you can amplify your security from the perimeter to the page. With SOC-2/SOC-3 security layers, VPNs, and world-class monitoring at the infrastructure and software levels, you can stay one step ahead of emerging threats.


Security scanning

Integrated software hunts for malicious code and security tools scan for vulnerabilities.

Security & Monitoring

Active monitoring

Firewalls and IP-based restrictions protect the network and prevent unauthorized access.

Premium Support Plans

Premium support

Solodev’s certified engineers are standing by to help with 24/7/365 U.S. based support.

Solodev Hosting

Run Solodev in containers

Containers are the future of the Cloud. With Solodev Enterprise Edition for Docker ECS, you can rapidly deploy and orchestrate containers for websites and applications to run in almost any environment, saving you time, money, and resources.

  • Launch CloudFormation templates to rapidly deploy your infrastructure
  • Push new websites and applications with ease and efficiency
  • Run your containers for as little as $1.25/hour per container

Leverage best-of-breed technologies

Deploy an advanced, highly-scalable infrastructure to run your most demanding websites and applications. Architected with the most reliable technologies on the planet, including cutting-edge orchestration and DevOps services from AWS.

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Choose your deployment

With just a few clicks, you can deploy Solodev on AWS with everything you need. For Solodev Lite, Professional and Enterprise Editions, you can instantly launch best-of-breed services all from the convenience of the AWS Marketplace.

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