Is Your Local Government Website Still Effective?

Critical Reasons You Should Consider an Overhaul Now.

While the overall US economy is certainly improved, local governments have not completely recovered from recent years of declining revenue and increased demand for services. The result is often a government workforce smaller in size, but with greater demand and responsibility. Add to this regional competition from rival areas looking to boost economic development and tourism, and local governments are under more strain and scrutiny than ever before.

All of these tough issues facing state and local governments are causing them to rely on their websites to handle more and more. Does your community’s website have all of the tools you need to effectively provide the best service to your constituents?

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Key topics you'll find:
  • Adapting to a growing mobile audience
  • Leaner communication with residents
  • Streamlining workflow with a non-technical CMS
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips
  • Generating revenue for your Community
Solodev has the best-in-class engineering your organization requires.

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